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Boris Chaliapin is famous for his paintings that have graced the covers of Time magazine for decades. He created more than 400 cover images in less than thirty years, being Time’s most prolific artist. He will be featured at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., beginning May 17. Chaliapin earned the name “Mr. Time” after being known for creating unique paintings in lightning speeds, sometimes as little as twelve hours.

Seventy-eight cubist works of art donated by collector Leonard A. Lauder to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art are estimated at a value of more than $1 billion. The collection consists of 33 works by Picasso, 17 by Braque, 14 by Gris and 14 by Leger. These pieces of art were collected over a 37-year period and is considered one of the foremost cubism collections in the world.

Museum exhibitions are about to be debuted in movie theaters across the country. The first will begin this Thursday as a retrospective honoring Edouard Manet from the Academy of the Arts in London. It will be showing at 450 theaters in the country and 150 more worldwide. The documentary-style productions will give viewers a special tour of current or recently retired art exhibits.