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EMU Theatre, a local theater troupe in Lawrence, will host a festival of ten minute plays this weekend at the Lawrence Arts Center. Nine 10-minute plays will feature artists from the community.


Me: EMU Theatre, a local theatre troupe in Lawrence, is in its 15 season. The troupe hosts a mini play festival annually and names its events after the Chinese zodiac. In honor of the year of the snake, Snake, Rattle and Role will be held March 22 through March 30 at the Lawrence Arts Center.

Andy Stowers, one of the founding members of EMU, was a theater major at KU. Stowers said the play festival was supposed to be a one-time thing, but this year marks the 10th festival.

Stowers: “So, you know, one of the things that I love about theater is the chance to kind of synthesize all of the arts together.”

Me: Nine 10-minute plays will be featured. Halloween: The Dark Night is about a man who has a mental break and thinks that he is Batman. Janette Salisbury plays a drunken sorority girl who Batman believes to be Catwoman.

Natural sound of rehearsal

Me: Salisbury said that the group does a lot to foster local talent. She said the group is like a family.

Salisbury: “We’re kind of like the little theatre troupe that could I guess, we just keep on going.”

Me: Eight, a play conceived by Lindsay Kemple, Ashley Pool and Andy Stowers, is an eight-scene spoof on King Henry the VIII. The eight scenes depict different stories about Henry the VIII and his royal family scandals, including some musical numbers.

Natural sound of rehearsal

Me: The event will be held in the Black Box Theatre, doors open at 7 and tickets are $7. This has been Hannah Barling with Anything Artsy.