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American artist James Turrell will take over an inner rotunda in the Guggenheim Museum in New York in June, exploding the area with spatially distorting ambient light. Looking up into the rotunda, museum-goers will see funnel-like rings leading to what looks to be an unending tunnel. Turrell is known for his project that he’s been working on since 1977 to recreate an extinct crater in the Arizona Desert.

The Metropolitan Museum in New York claims that it’s alleged tricky pay-what-you-wish policy was clear and defends any allegations that say otherwise. The museum is being sued by patrons who claim that the $25 entrance fee appeared to be mandatory and the sign specifying it was a donation was misleading. Representatives of the museum claim the policy was clearly printed on entrances and on the website. The lawsuit has yet to be settled.

The Tate Art Collection in Britain pulled over 30 works of art by Graham Ovenden from its online collection due to the artist’s conviction of six charges of indecency with a child and one charge of indecent assault. The 34 prints that were given to the Tate in 1975 include images on young, naked girls.