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Brooklyn Brewery sought out local artists to create special labels for its 25th anniversary. President and cofounder Steve Hindy had a special beer and label made to honor his friend Fred Tomaselli for being showcased at the Brooklyn Museum. Four Brooklyn-based artists created special editions of the original label.

Paula Hayes is an artist who considers herself a maker of living art. Modeled after a Youtube video her son showed her, Hayes created a 15-foot-long piece titled Slug, that is lit from within and home to plant life. She has also created terrariums made of glass with plant life inside and makes house calls to people who have bought her work to take care of the plants.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is accused of scamming museum-goers. The $25 adult admission fee is apparently recommended and any dollar amount grants access to the museum. However, the word underneath the sign is small and hard to see. The museum currently faces a law suit for misleading tourists and other visitors.