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Tyler Barnes, a junior from Junction City, draws a frog during LibArt’s Wall Drawing Exhibition Wed. March 13.


me: Good afternoon listeners, this is Hannah Barling with Anything Artsy.

Student art exhibition program LibArt began its Wall Drawing series today in Anschutz library. An interactive projector with compatible nylong-tipped pens gives students a chance to draw directly onto the wall.

LibArt Coordinator Courtney Foat says the program gives creative students a chance to work together, regardless of their major.

Foat: “But it’s a fairly, I think, a fairly intuitive system. Like, you know, it’s not like someone has to be familiar with Illustrator or InDesign or any of the really advanced programs. So I think it’s pretty user friendly and people can jump in.”

me: About 10 students tested the new program today. A couple of them decided to create a picture together. (natural sound of students interacting at the event)

Austin, Texas, sophomore Connor Bellomy spent his lunch break at the Wall Drawing. Bellomy is an English major with little art experience but he says the program was a fun stress reliever.

Bellomy: “That’s totally a Spartan helmet. This is crazy though. Okay this is the worst Spartan helmet ever.”

me: This projector was originally purchased to exhibit student art in the libraries. But LibArt Coordinator Courtney Foat says they wanted a way to engage the students. All of the drawings will be saved, allowing for students to share with each other and even online.

Luke Englert is an intern with the LibArt program and helped coordinate the debut. He says the goal of the event is to draw in a larger crowd of student creatives to the library.

Englert: “People have a lot of time in which they are waiting for another class or something and they don’t really know what to do. They usually just find somewhere and sit around or just sit in the classroom.”

me: LibArt Coordinator Courtney Foat says that as far as they know this is the only type of interactive projector with the drawing capability on campus. She says they hope to eventually reach out to faculty to give the program an educational purpose.

For more information and to see the students’ drawings from today, checkout the LibArt Facebook page. Until next time, this has been Hannah Barling with Anything Artsy.