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Cristina Lei Rodriguez is an American artist who recently took a blank journal made of mole skin and turned it into a colorful sculpture of a pumpkin. She tore out the pages, died them multiple colors and crumpled them to resemble a pumpkin. Using blank journals has become a bit of a trend in the art scene. Italian artist Loredana Longo turned an old journal into a makeshift artistic bomb and Singapore artist Ana Prvacki photographed herself burning diary pages on fire as part of a performance piece.

An art show that will travel to the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale this Fall will exhibit different works that are either made of wood or represent wooden objects. Dutch artist Maarten Baas takes iconic furniture pieces and torches them until they are charred and create a new piece of art. A British design duo that goes by the name of Yard Sale Project uses special computer technology to mimic the natural grooves and look of wood to create pixelated looking, yet smooth surfaces on furniture.

Christopher Bonanos has written a history of the Polaroid and its effect in the photography world. Instant: The Story of Polaroid displays Bonanos’ compilation of famous polaroid pictures along with the history behind them. He discusses how the Polaroid camera came about and how it affected photographer during the 20th century.